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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. MuscleCorpsBizCo does incorporate traditional digital marketing methods when setting up marketing campaigns for clients but we truly think outside of the box and apply innovative methods to these campaigns. We take a holistic approach to marketing plans incorporating local SEO, reputation management, website development, social media optimization, site speed, and other methods depending on what a client may need to complete their digital marketing plan. You can read more in depth about some of these methods by clicking on the “Services” button at the top of the page or under our Services and Links tabs on the website menu. Imagine this scenario, a visitor to your website downloads a free ebook on do it yourself home repairs and a voicebot eventually calls this website visitor offering a promotional offer for discounted services. The visitor accepts the offer and the voicebot schedules an appointment on your behalf to fulfill the service. That is just one example of an innovative method that we will use for lead generation.


With Local Services Ads, you have the ability to advertise your business on Google and receive leads directly from potential customers. Local Services Ads appear at the top of Google Search results when people search for the services such as a plumber in a given area.


We help you sell your professional services on Amazon. Yes, it’s true, you can sell services on Amazon. In fact, Amazon is selling service in 1200+ business categories from top local Pros. Including Assemblers, House Cleaners, Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians, Land-scapers and many more.


Tap into 100 Million Alexa Users - Let millions of Amazon Alexa users listen to your content each day on their device. Imagine as a plumber you create a home repair tips skill on Alexa that listeners listen to on a regular basis. When the listener needs a plumber your company comes to their mind. "Hey Alexa, call XYZ Plumbing."

Your story

Would you like your company to get into the world’s biggest sales funnel and have Amazon as partner?

Would you like a lead source that is free for your company and you only pay when you get actual business?

Would you like to market your business to Amazon Prime members?

Would you like to double or even triple the amount of jobs your company is doing?

Do you want to go from a lead-based ecosystem to an e-commerce based sales system?

 Would you like to pay per lead rather than pay per click?

Would you like to have lead generation on steroids and increased exposure?

Would you like the ability to connect with customers at the moment they are looking for your services?

This Business is “Google Guaranteed”.

Do you want to be a local service that gets your Google Guarantee ‘Badge’?

Would you like to appear at the top of Google search results when people search for your services?

The Story Behind the MuscleCorpsBizCo Philosophy

Though MuscleCorpsBizCo is a small boutique digital marketing agency just like the elite US Special Operations forces and United States Marine Corps we are truly a force multiplier that is always driven to accomplish the mission despite not being one of the big agencies. Just because a military force or agency is small doesn’t mean that it can’t unleash a whole lot of firepower.  We have  strategic partnerships with top notch consultants, other agencies such as with Broadly for our Reputation Management services and outstanding outsourcers to assist us if necessary with various projects. Sometimes clients can get lost in the shuffle with the big agencies but with us you will have our total 100% focus on your marketing campaigns.

By Don Lyle - MuscleCorpsBizCo

For many years I worked as a personal trainer and fitness manager at a local gym so I truly understand the importance of leads for a business. During this time I learned about the differences in regards to quality leads. When I first took over as fitness manager our lead collection process consisted of receiving leads from the front desk staff of gym members interested in personal training, the recent printouts of newly signed up gym memberships in which we would place phone calls offering a free no-obligation fitness evaluation/workout, word of mouth referrals, and from trainers working the floor offering free evaluations/workouts. I eventually expanded with the process by coming up with various digital and guerilla marketing methods to significantly increase the company’s sales revenue. 

From our lead collection process at the gym I worked at, the best leads were always word of mouth referrals and pre-qualified leads when we knew the demographics of a person, their reasons for being interested in personal training, their financial capability to afford training, and any other psychological triggers we could tap into to close sales with potential clients.

I clearly understand that for the home services industry having top quality pre-qualified leads is absolutely essential for your businesses to succeed. My objective is to form strategic partnerships with some select home service companies where I provide innovative digital marketing services to help businesses generate these high quality leads so that respective businesses can close out the sales process with a successful sale. Being a small boutique digital marketing agency my objective is not to take on everybody as a client and generate mass leads that are sent out to multiple businesses. It is quite simple that we will generate exclusive leads for each individual business by only working with select clients in certain geographic areas rather than having 10 roofers within the same 25 mile radius as an example. Unlike some agencies we will never distribute the same leads to competitors.

Many home service providers use key resources such as Reach Local, Yodle, Modernize, 1800Contractor, Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, NextDoor, Angie’s List, Home Adviser, etc to get leads and market their services. Some of the challenges with using these resources is sometimes you have to pay for leads upfront before you even close a sale and to add icing to the cake these leads may not even be exclusive leads for your business. Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business are free with a few paid options along with your business having to claim & optimize their business pages which you may not know how to go about it. With Google Local Service ads you have to qualify your business with Google and pay for the ads but at least you are paying per lead as opposed to per click. Amazon Home Services is free to sign up for but like Google’s LSAs respective clients need to have appropriate business licenses, a minimum online presence, and a solid reputation rank. At MuscleCorpsBizCo we help home service businesses navigate through the process so the business can eventually qualify to join Amazon Home Services or Google LSAs.

“The US Home Services sector is worth $600 Billion which of course is a major reason why so many companies are involved in doing marketing for home service providers. $160.5 Billion giant Amazon has not only entered the market… It’s remaking it. Amazon is transforming a multi-billion offline market into an online market.”

For many businesses not just those in the home services sector leads are everything. Most home service companies do some kind of lead generation (phone calls, referrals, flyers, newspaper ads, yellow pages, etc.). The leads come in and the company contacts the leads to try to sell them on a service. Get a lead, connect with the client, provide a quote, and get the deal! With Amazon Home Services you don’t just have lead generation but you are able to sell home services directly online via Amazon to consumer. Imagine you are an electrician and an Amazon Prime member orders a new ceiling fan for their kitchen. While going through the purchasing process the member is prompted with the option to have an expert install the ceiling fan. The member selects professional installation of the fan and the electrician receives a notification about this job on an app. The electrician picks up the job, installs the ceiling fan, leaves their business card just in case the Amazon Prime member needs additional electrical services. The member is satisfied with the ceiling fan installation and writes a positive review while the electrician may gain a new customer down the road for a future job.

Benefits of Partnering with Amazon:

  • The biggest customer “list” you’ve ever seen: over 101 million Prime members alone (around 79% of all US households).
  • Customers who are happy to spend $$$: Amazon Prime members spend on average a whopping $1400 per year.
  • The most perfect congruent funnel. People purchase endless items that need installations, assembly or set-up, and every such purchase is a chance for Amazon to upsell them a home service.
  • Amazon has turned services into what they already do so well. Turning services into products making it super easy to buy services online.
  • Leveraging a trusted name customers know, trust, and rely on… which is so important when choosing a service provider.
  • Taking advantage of Amazon’s limitless advertising budget. Which is far bigger than any of us could do on our own right?
  • After 3 years of extensive testing Amazon is putting it’s weight behind it.
  • Since Amazon only works with service providers they have pre-qualified, so when a consumer purchases a service from Amazon that consumer can be confident to deal with a business with a strong online reputation and receive great service.

Consumers trust Amazon and prefer to invest their money for home services where they are protected by a:

  • Price Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee with pre-screened providers.
  • All fully insured.
  • Able to book whenever they want it.
  • Quickly and easily pay via Amazon.

The Local Services Ads along with the GOOGLE GUARANTEE give your business:

  • Increased exposure.
  • The ability to connect with customers at the moment they’re looking for services they provide (which, in turn, can lead to higher conversion rates).
  • Access to an easy-to-use management platform.
  • Receiving the Google Guaranteed Badge (which, along with Google reviews help to build trust).
  • Limited wasted time, as customers choose your client (no chasing).
  • Increased odds of turning more leads into customers.

Local Services Ads are focused on generating quality leads. Google monitors a large amount of the lead acquisition process in the Local Services Ad program. The search engine tracks user behavior on your website and listens in on any phone traffic generated by the ad. 

Google’s Local Service Ads cater to specific industries, such as locksmiths, plumbers, garage door professionals, electricians, and HVAC service.

Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling of an individual’s or group’s reputation. Your online reputation is your most valuable asset. In order for your home services business to qualify to join and stay a part of Amazon Home Services & Google Local Service Ads your business must have & maintain a solid online reputation. With our Reputation Management services we will keep your business on track.

Tap into 100 Million Alexa Users – Let millions of Amazon Alexa users listen to your content each day on their device.

Getting your content onto Amazon Alexa is equivalent to using Twitter in 2006 or Instagram in 2010. 

Amazon Brings The Heat:

 According to Geek Wire…

  • 55% of US Households Will Have Alexa by 2022.
  • $10 Billion Worth of Sales Will Be Driven Through Alexa by 2020
  • 100 Million people in the USA Use Some Type of Smart Speaker.
  • Echo Dot is Amazon’s #1 Selling Product.

Are you going to ignore voice marketing…
or leverage it to rake in a staggering
amount of FREE buyers for your business?

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